Useful Advice on How to Detect Dissertation Plagiarism

Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs. After working on your dissertation paper for many months and spending your resources in the process, it will be disappointing to fail completely because of plagiarism. Indeed, the behavior in unacceptable in academic circles. The following tips will help you to detect and avoid plagiarism in your papers

  • Go through your paper and edit it
  • If you have personally written your paper, it is easy to detect plagiarism by reading it thoroughly. Look for sophisticated sentences and find ways of writing them using your own words. Further, find out if there inconsistencies in the diction or if there are phrases that do not seem to make sense.

    Remarkably, it is not possible to detect plagiarism in your paper if you do not understand various writing skills. It is therefore important for you to be familiar with skills such as paraphrasing, different styles of citation, formatting and consideration of the context during your research.

  • Run your sentences through the search engines
  • By running through a few sentences on Google, you will find out whether there are any matches. The plagiarized parts will be written in bold colors. Change those sentences by paraphrasing them and by providing in-text citation.

  • Find websites that detect plagiarism
  • Your professors are likely to run your paper through some tools provided by various sites to check for plagiarism. Even before they do this, you may want to find help at websites such as and Turnitin. Your paper will automatically be scanned and mistakes detected.

    It is wroth noting that not all websites can be relied upon when it comes to checking for plagiarism. Some of them will not identify such issues and will instead indicate that your paper is perfect. Accordingly, do a research to find reputable peer-reviewed sites for assistance.

  • Involve professional writers
  • No need to go through the hassle of detecting plagiarism when there professionals available to assist you. At a small fee, professional writers will edit your paper and use different techniques to make sure that it is plagiarism-free. They also have the capacity to write your paper with quality in mind. They will avoid plagiarism and ensure that you submit your paper in good time.

    By editing your paper, seeking for help from various websites and professionals and running your paper through the search engines, you will detect plagiarism in your dissertation paper. Doing so will help you get good grades.